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Kony 2012!!

i keep seeing things about kony 2012, thats so great that people are finally looking into him…tooo bad its been thirty years!! people who saw a youtube video and decided to do something about it is like fireman who only get called when the house is already burned down, there are so many other warlords and human atrocities going on yet you only do something when its on youtube? its great that we are doing something but come on 30 years later? why wasn’t there a kony 1982? a 1991? why not do something about the congo? or syria, human trafficking, aids, malaria, unfit drinking water, cuz either one of these things have killed more then kony yet we sit idly by, do kony 2012, i hope they hang the bastard but don’t let this enthusiasm die, solve this one and then try for them all because the old folks in charge sure as hell aren’t, and please don’t wait until another youtube video.

humanity confuses me

Humanity, a thing that i am a part of and hopefully if you read this you are too. but in the history of humanity we have made some crazy mistakes and the one thing we truly all share is hypocrisy, not love, not hate, or lust, or greed, but plain old hypocrisy. I once argued for “lazy” as the key feature that ties us all together but after reading a news story I have a tie now. a lady from SNL said a kiss on glee was “gross” because the “bible” says it’s a sin. OK well if you read the bible there are 10 or so things addressing ”same sex” and those were translations, from people who meet Jesus but waited 70 or so years before they wrote a book with his “holy words”. OK lets get over that blip, what we read now are translations from Hebrew and Greek, translations, just like in many languages words don’t always mean the same to certain people "fo shizzle" is a good example what if you had to translate a conversation with snoop dogg? i did some looking up, all the passages have second meeting, just because of translational error, so why are we following it word by word? sodomite= arsenokoitas, which paul made up (people can’t find it in greek language) the fo shizzle of it’s time, it’s meaning now is used for gays but it’s greek version is for man-sluts (people who sleep around). leviticus’ passage about abominations is a translation of the hebrew word Toevah, which applied to pork and improper grooming, so if you had breakfast with pig? congrats an abomination, shave wrong? bangs? abomination. so why do we make peopel suffer because of a improperly translated book? especially when those who casts the stones have committed sins up the ying yang? didn’t jesus say something about casting stones? hypocrisy rules, like i said. when i learned about government the phrase "separation of church and state" was mentioned, s why do people claim something is unconstitutional and then make judgement off their personal beliefs? the Bible is a guide book (people hate it when i say that) but it’s all it is, a book that made guidelines for it’s current time, but that was 2000 years ago, maybe we need an update? you wouldn’t use the same advice for crossing the street now, as they used before cars were invented would you? (if you do, you would not last long anyways) so stop basing your everyday life off a book, make decisions for yourself and not some dude who may or may not exist. the bible basically is a guide to live a good, fair life, you don’t have to persecute people for that, not everyone has to go to heaven and not all people will go to hell, god gave us free-will but we can’t act upon it? God either has a strange sense of humor or we’re screwed anyways so why not let people truly LIVE, not hiding who they are and let them pursue what they want? I can’t say i know what will happen when we die, neither can your pastor, father, shamman, psychic or priest be sure either. I do know however, that everyone has one life thats guaranteed, the one we have now is 100% yours why give that up for a "maybe". shpeel done , adios to whoever reads this

Why is “different” a bad thing

getting ideas off your head will make you live longer, i’m pretty sure. I’ve been in college for 2 1/2 years now, i’ve learned so many things that will not help me in the future, i can’t get a job as a deep thinker, i can’t solve the problems I’ve learned about such as human trafficking or genocide but i appreciate every second of learning about these problems because it made me feel small, knowing I can help and if i’m in a bad mood, knowing someone has had worse. This year i learned about another problem, one that hits closer to our shores then genocide or blood diamonds, i’m talking about bullying, especially against LGBT people. I’m chinese, a rare commodity in Nampa, ID, and i was picked on because of it, needless to say my childhood differs from my school mates. I know what bullying feels like, i know what it’s like to be bullied. It SUCKS whether you are the receiver of the person making fun of someone else and I got reminded of all of this when i heard of the suicides by people being made fun of for being gay. No one deserves to die because of something they are, you can’t change who you are, you can be born white, you can be born chinese, why can’t people accept that some are born gay? I asked this question once and i got the answer to many of life’s questions “the bible”. A book written by old men in robes who claim they know what an all mighty being wants and that this being of infinite power had a son and his words are just as important but the son didn’t write down a single word and had 12 people do it instead, they took 50 years after the son died to get the first book out. We ridicule and judge people from this? You don’t trust a biography more then an autobiography do you? Okay let’s say you do but where in the bible does it say bullying is okay? pushing a person to the very edge and giving them a bootfull so they fall off the edge? Jesus helped people, he didn’t judge, he didn’t leave a person to die, he hung around with a prostitute for heaven sakes. yet people go on ridiculing and injuring people based on the belief of this book? We’re all different we all live different lives, why is variety such a threat to people? I don’t know what preachers are doing when they teach indifference, god made us all in his image and gave us free will, are people not supposed to act upon their free will? Will acting on a god given gift lead you to hell? Be a good person, live a good life of happiness and freedom, i can guarantee you one thing this life is real 100%, an after life is roughly 50/50.


Falling from a window sill while waving goodbye, still have a nasty scare from it actually…i was 4? something like that


So yesterday was September 11th..the day that will live in infamy..as the 11th day in September, oh and the day the twin towers fell. It’s been NINE years? where did the time go? I wasn’t even in middle school yet. i never believed it when people said “some events in history will have you remembering EXACTLY what you were doing when it happened” i didn’t believe that but 9 years later here i am, remembering the fear in my teachers eyes, the shock in my fellow students faces, and my confusion at what the twin towers were. Life is like that, defined by little moments. I hate realizing how fragile life is and how profoundly we are all tied together, 9/11 proved that were all joined together, one man’s vision in a mountain half a world away, wiped out 3000 lives in the blink of an eye. Life is too fragile for how valuable it is, that scares the living daylights out of me. Life isn’t like a box of chocolates, it’s a big row of Dominoes and you’re just one little domino, all you can hope for is that you fall on your own accord and that when you do the least you can do is take down as little as you can   


So this is my first blog, what do i talk about? what i feel? what i think? umm ok what the hell. I think babies are scary..hows that? they’re fragile, they can die if you don’t hold them right…they’re like a live grenade, you don’t hold them right…BAM!! your dead (baby killing i think deserves a death penalty). well enough about baby killing, maybe politics next time? views on religion? idk doubt anyone’s even reading.a;lkubgwugbawgijabngka…see nothing.